About me…

Finally I started my own blog!

You can guess what my name is! I work in Stockholm as a PhD student and I have a master’s degree in physics and engineering.

In this blog I will try to share my thoughts on education, language and other philosophies. If you don’t agree with something I write, don’t hesitate to comment. I would love you to oppose my thoughts, that is why I am here. I want to teach but just as much I want to learn. Even without you I can learn from writing down my thoughts.

With this said, who am I? well, I can start by telling you where I am from.

I am from Gotland, you know it if you are a swede, if not – Google it. More precisely its southern parts, where I grew up with three siblings and two parents that right now celebrates 30 years of marriage. I was bullied some in school, but not enough to break me. It rather strengthen me, but then again, what do I know. I left at the age of 16 to stay at a boarding school in Sigtuna.

I have always loved math and finished the math curriculum earlier then most. I think I finished the “gymnasium” math courses in the first year and commuted to Uppsala to continue on higher level math. I got through one or two courses but sports took over and I math become a hobby instead of a course. I did well in school and in the last year I won an award for producing the best math-text by secondary school students. I got a diploma for participating and I remember that I complained about the fact that it didn’t say anywhere on the diploma that I actually won the competition.

I just want to tell my story once. Patience!

After graduating from Sigtuna I spent two month travelling in the US and 8 month working in a company that almost did not pay me . I believed in the company, so I stayed, believing that the money would come. Well it did, but I could have gotten more from working at McDonald’s. During this time manage to play volleyball as well as injure my knee. I had a surgery and became better. In the fall 2007 I started the engineering physics program at KTH, continued playing volleyball and injured my self again. I worked hard both in school for good grades and in the gym to rehabilitate. I persisted and eventually I got back, not to volleyball but to beach volleyball.

I graduated from KTH in 2013 with 4.6 in average grades and at that time I was playing beachvolley at the elite level in Sweden.

Currently I do research in physics in relation to strongly correlated systems. Part of my work is to tutor in physics.

Okay, now you have heard enough. See you soon!

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