My view of life

I think life is about getting better at what you enjoy and try to make you doings valuable for others. It is about understanding what you can do and what you can’t.

I want to get a grip of who I am, where I came from and what I am capable of creating. I want to challenge my ideas in order to learn.

Then I want to create what I thought was impossible and do what I feared I could never do.

I am genetically programmed to preserve my genes. It happens though that most of my genes are shared by other humans and consequently I inherited altruism. It feels good to help others and more so to help those that share a larger portion of your genes. But this is not the only reason for adopting altruism.

To find out what I can do and to learn something new we are helplessly dependent on others. Of those that have been but also on those who are. You see, not even the most knowledgeable person knows how to make a simple pencil. One needs to know how to mind the metals for the eraser holder while learning how to harvest the rubber and process it into erasers. Especially if at the same time, one needs to know how to extract and construct the graphite, wood and yellow paint needed to make the pencil. So, in order to create we need each other. In order to know we need each other. In order to grow we need each other.

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